We specialize in framing – the most powerful form of communication.

When you change the conversation, you change the world.

Framing and Messaging

  • Messaging uses language to activate frames in the brain.
  • Effective framing communicated to the public over time can change how the public thinks and how elected representatives act.
  •  Our approach is rooted in cognitive science and linguistics. FrameLab will work with you to craft the most powerful and effective communications.

Consultation and Strategic Advice

  • We work with organizations on an ongoing or by-project basis.
  • We provide consultation, advice, and feedback at every step of a project or campaign.
  • We can help shape an approach at the front end, or provide extra eyes as you work through an issue.
  • We’re an extra set of eyes, ears, and brains to ensure the maximum effectiveness of your campaign

About Us

George Lakoff

George is the world’s best-known expert on the framing of social and political issues.

He is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Cognitive Science and Linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley, where he taught for 44 years after 6 years of teaching at Harvard and the University of Michigan.

His definitive book on framing, Don’t Think of an Elephant! and its ALL NEW version have sold more than half a million copies worldwide.
George has written seven books and hundreds of articles applying his scholarly research to social and political issues.

He has spoken at Democratic Senate and House retreats and caucuses, on hundreds of radio and tv shows, and has given keynote addresses at progressive activist gatherings throughout the US and dozens of other countries.

From 2004 -2011, he served on the Advisory Committee for Prime Minister Zapatero of Spain. He also spent over a decade as Senior Fellow at the Rockridge Institute, a nonpartisan think tank in Berkeley, California.

He is also one of the world’s best-known academics. He was one of the founders of the fields of Cognitive Science and Cognitive Linguistics, is a fellow of the Cognitive Science Society and a former member of its Governing Board, and is former President of the International Cognitive Linguistics Society.

He is the discoverer of the nature of unconscious metaphorical thought, and has applied the discovery not just to politics but to the foundations of mathematics and philosophy.

George is now the most cited scholar at the University of California, Berkeley, with more than 150,000 citations on the Google Scholar Citation Index, with astronomical impact factors of h = 100 and i = 275.

His latest book is The Neural Mind: How Ideas and Language Arise from Neural Circuitry, co-authored with Srini Narayanan, Senior Researcher at Google. It is being published by the University of Chicago Press.

George is now in his 42nd year of practicing Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi.

Gil Duran

Gil spent over a decade as a senior advisor to California’s top political leaders.

He served as Press Secretary to Governor Jerry Brown twice – first at Oakland City Hall (2003-2007), then in Sacramento (2011-2013). He also worked as Communications Director for U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, Press Secretary to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa and Communications Director to California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris. Most recently, he served as a Senior Advisor to Tom Steyer at NextGen America.

Gil has played a role in some of California’s most high profile public interest campaigns, including:

• California’s historic Proposition 30, which protected public education funding and fixed the state budget

• Marriage Equality and efforts to defeat Proposition 8

• Promoting California’s economic resurgence under Governor Jerry Brown while pushing back against right-wing falsehoods

• Proposition 56, the successful campaign to raise the California’s cigarette tax by $2 a pack

• The successful effort to register 800,000 new California voters in 2016

From 2013-2015, Gil served as Senior Vice President for Media at Fenton, the Social Change Agency. At Fenton, he worked with clients like the Sierra Club, the California Endowment, the Sierra Health Foundation, the Kellogg Foundation and others. Gil’s proudest moment at Fenton was securing a front page Buzzfeed story for a mentally ill homeless client who had been brutalized by police.

An avid reader, Gil read “Don’t Think of An Elephant” in 2005 and used it to inform his work, but he didn’t meet George until 2011. In his spare time, Gil enjoys reading, cooking, boxing, photography, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

He started his career as a reporter for the San Jose Mercury News.