Lakoff and Duran in Sacramento Bee: What to look for in Trump’s State of the Union Speech

FrameLab founders Dr. George Lakoff and Gil Duran penned a new essay for the California Forum section of the Sacramento Bee. From their op-ed, published in the Sunday paper:

When President Donald Trump gives the State of the Union on Tuesday night, the citizens of a divided America will hear two different speeches.

Conservatives will hear a triumphal list of victories and successes. It will be a tale of battles fought and won against tall odds, delivered with Trump’s signature hyperbole. Dishonestly, he’ll heap credit upon himself for positive economic and crime trends that gained momentum before the 2016 election. He’s made no secret of his delusional belief that, despite abysmally low poll numbers, he’s succeeding at the job better than any previous president. Expect his speech to build on that theme. His base will eat it up.

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